How To Get Pregnant Fast?

I want to be a mom, already yesterday!

So how do children come to the world?
It’s probably a little more complicated than you think.
You decided you want to get pregnant and you are excited, happy but don’t know where to start and you have quite a few questions.

Is it hard to get pregnant?
How to increase your chances of success?
How long does it take?
When to quit?
Is hard to get pregnant?

Depends who you ask.

Some couples which conception occurs immediately, without special efforts and planning and calculations.
However, quite a few couples experience difficulties and others at the entrance to the pregnancy, when in recent years the percentage of couples who have difficulty getting pregnant increases.

Do I need any preparations before trying to conceive?

Before starting off trying to conceive, it is recommended to start taking folic acid three months before trying to get pregnant.

Folic acid is a food additive that helps prevent deformities in the nervous system of the fetus.
Currently, the Ministry of health also increases and recommend every woman in age to take folic acid regularly, in order to reduce the chances of the fetus in the event of an unplanned pregnancy.
There is no problem with taking folic acid even if you are planning a pregnancy in the near future and it is a food additive that is harmless.

Should contact the gynecologist before trials and tests?

As a rule, it is highly recommended to consult a gynecologist before trying to conceive.
Female doctor recommend several tests should be performed with the early attempts.
In some cases (especially if your wife is nearing 35 years old), although you should consult with your fertility specialist before I even began attempts.

Genetic tests — about blood tests taken from the woman and performed in front of the entrance.
If an effect is found, also tested.
In fact, genetic tests can be done at any point in a woman’s life because no test “expired”.

If you are a woman is a carrier of a genetic condition and she shall conceive of a man who is the subject of genetic disease, there is a high chance that the baby will succumb to the disease. If the test results indicate a likely genetic disease in the newborn, in some cases recommend terminating pregnancy and therefore we strongly recommend performing this test before trying to conceive.

An antibody test for rubella – blood test detects antibodies to rubella in the woman’s blood and gives an indication of whether the woman is immune from American soil or not.

A woman infected with rubella during pregnancy may reveal fetal defects. If the tests that the woman is not immune, she receives rubella vaccine.

Examination of CMV

specific antibodies – cynomolguses, also known as the CALIMA AVIACIÓN is a virus that causes a disease that endangers populations weakened immune system and may cause fetus. Most women infected with the virus during their lives and fully vaccinated. The recommendation is not to get pregnant if a woman caught in the near of CMV early attempts to conceive. A woman who got pregnant and then caught on surveillance of CMV should be and in some cases even her students to end the pregnancy.
Checking thyroid – unbalanced thyroid can lead to many symptoms in the female body. Among other things, an imbalance in the thyroid may be difficult to entry into and in some cases even cause miscarriage.

Reserve a test

malocclusion asafetida is to see what the woman’s condition as regards reserve the asafetida and identify the failure early illness before pregnancy even if the pregnancy. Perform this by ultrasound where you count the follicular ovarian guidelines (AFC) in conjunction with designated blood testing (FSH + AMH).
Some couples planning to get pregnant on your honeymoon, but there are quite a few countries where the virus is prevalent.

Do you have to take that into account when planning pregnancy?
The virus enters the same list as other viruses may cause fetal defects.
The virus is transmitted by mosquito bites and pasting during pregnancy may cause the fetus ‘ nervous system and brain development.
The disease is common in Central and South America, the Caribbean, the Pacific Islands and Southeast Asia.
For couples planning pregnancy, there is no reason to try to conceive a child in one of these countries and to reject the attempts in six months.

At what point is there to stop the pill before trying to conceive?

There is a myth in which affect fertility pills and “cleanse” them before pregnancy.
In practice, this myth is not true. Pills don’t affect pregnancy and reduce the chances of becoming pregnant.
Even if a woman became pregnant while taking the pill no risk for pregnancy or passes.
In addition, there is no need to “clean up” the pills and you can stop taking them and start trying to conceive.
Fertility pills, nondestructive and in passing if accidentally taken during pregnancy.
The rule is simple – just stopping the pills to pregnant woman.

What about maintaining physical fitness?!

It is always recommended to be fit and in good health. Maintaining a healthy lifestyle, a balanced diet, exercise and stress reduction to contribute to get pregnant.
Fitness applicable to pregnant — maintaining physical fitness contributes to pregnant easier childbirth easier and healthier. On the other hand, if you have not exercised before pregnancy, it is not advisable to start a radical exercise in pregnancy itself.
It is recommended that the woman wants to start exercising for pregnancy to accustom the body to physical activity, before entering and as part of the preparations.
Extensive reading about sports pregnant half.


What is the best way to detect ovulation?

Easiest to use reason – every month from every 28-30 day ovulation occurs approximately 14-16 days after the last menstrual cycle.

Use this Ovulation Calculator
If your regular cycles and manages, can more or less calculate the ovulation.
Using ovulation calculator can do the job for you and calculate your estimated ovulation date.
In women with irregular cycles (once every 2-3 months), there are other methods like heat of the dawn or ovulation sticks that can help.

Are there ways to regulate ovulation or boost it?

In General, a healthy lifestyle is always recommended not only in contexts. Women with irregular cycle, it is important to maintain a balanced diet, stress and exercise, especially if they suffer from Polycystic ovaries.
These women weight loss, stress reduction and exercise can help regulate menstrual periods.

How man should prepare for trying to conceive?

Is there a way to make the seed to durable or stronger?
Here, too, there are quite a few myths – “Save” the seed to ovulation, you should abstain for ovulation, etc. It’s a myth. Men with normal sperm should not abstain from sex.
The sperm cells are constantly renewed and could have sex all day. “Fresh sperm” is better than sperm stored for long in the body. In addition, sometimes the celibacy causes the couple missed the day of ovulation.
“Yes” no day can be particularly relevant in situations where the couple can’t have sex all day or when you don’t know exactly when ovulation and then intercourse “did not” cover a range of ovulation without wear. But if a couple is interested and able to hold every day, there is no prevention without having to hold it.

Which foods or supplements are recommended during attempts to conceive? What should I avoid?

You should avoid drinks involves sugar and processed foods, that can cause a decrease in fertility.
Alcohol is strictly prohibited in pregnancy, but before alcohol consumption measured harmless.
Vegetables generally are recommended foods and good general health.
There are foods like beets, pineapple and berries help to thicken the endometrium.
Vitamin C-citrus fruits or supplement may help fertility.
In General, a balanced diet with plenty of vegetables and fruits, natural and processed foods.

What should I do right after intercourse?

In General, it is recommended to remain balanced for several minutes after intercourse and not to rush.
The reason is simple – after sexual intercourse, the sperm cells are inside the vagina and can spill out if too fast for vertical mode.
Therefore, we recommend using gravity. Not guarantee admission to pregnancy but also wouldn’t hurt.

After some time to access and get help entering the pregnant! The recommendation is seemingly trying to conceive for a year and only then consult a fertility specialist.
This rule of thumb is for everyone because the age of the woman is a decisive factor when entering pregnancy and should be treated.
Therefore, if the woman is in her 20s-aged and served immediately, no problem to try naturally for a year.
But if the woman crossed the age of 35, we recommend to access as soon as the fertility doctor in order not to waste valuable time.

Good luck!


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