Signs You Are Pregnant

My pregnancy signs –

Here you will get all the Early Signs of Pregnancy: Facts, Symptoms, and Complications.

You will also get all the answers to common questions like –

  1. What are the obvious signs of pregnancy?
  2. Am I feeling one of the common pregnancy symptoms?
  3. Can it be that I’m feeling early signs of pregnancy?
  4. How can I easily confirm pregnancy?
  5. What are the testing options?
  6. Am I pregnant?

Other obvious signs include:

  • Swelling of the breast- Tender, fuller and heavier breast with slight pain
  • Headaches and backaches- Most pregnant women experience throbbing pain in the head and chronic back pain
  • Dizziness and nausea- This can be related to the dilation of blood vessels and low blood sugar
  • Mood swings- Caused by a hormonal change in the first trimester
  • Bladder changes- Frequent bathroom trips than usual caused by hormonal change
  • Fatigue- Roller coaster of emotions, fatigue, and dizziness can be experienced

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