What to pack for the hospital

Childbirth – what is important to take with you to the hospital

It’s better to plan and make things organized before your baby comes into this world. The important thing is to pack all the necessary items for you and your baby for a smooth stay at  the hospital. These include:

Important documents: Documents like your ID card, health insurance information and hospital registration forms for the confirmation of admitting you in the hospital.

Toiletries: Deodorants, Shower gel, Shampoo, Toothbrush, Cleansing wipes and other hygiene items are necessary to pack so that you remain fresh during your stay.

Extra clothes: Some extra clothes for you and your baby is essential to pack so that you and your baby can change whenever required and also for going home after delivery.

Socks and Slippers: Childbirth is a hard and tough process, a woman will sometime feel warm and sometimes really cold. She should pack a comfortable pair of socks and slippers for herself and her partner too.

I recommend every woman to see if there are other things that look important for her.

For example:

Glasses (no contact lenses to the delivery room)
Pillow pillowcase-laundry smell from home.
Pictures of loved ones from home.
Music you love!

Breasfeeding bra-Nursing Maternity Bra

Breastfeeding pillow

Aromatherapy oils such as orange oil, lavender, Clary Sage.

Breastfeeding Pillow

There are items that are for the spoiled one

It will take some place but..I recommend it.
Natural white grape juice-soothing, comforting, giving energy (dates are a great substitute).
A large amount of clothes for you and your baby
Camera and tripod
Tennis balls-massage during labor
Breastfeeding pillow

Breasfeeding bra-Nursing Maternity Bra
Towel/bathrobe- there is towels in the hospital

Nursing Maternity Bra – Breastfeeding Underwear

What not to take to the delivery room

Valuable jewelry
Dear camera

As long as you keep reading – you will be more relaxed and confident about what is about to come.

You can do this ! 🙂