The First Sign Of Pregnancy

Pregnancy symptoms 

Any one who know even a little bit can tell you that pregnancy signs differ from woman to woman and pregnancy to pregnancy; however, one of the most obvious pregnancy signs is a delayed or missed period.

That is the real natural sign of pregnancy But every women knows that missed period can happen even if your not pregnant at all ( stopped taking pills or other body changes like stress can also cause this symptom to appear – If you want to know the difference between PMS and pregnant read this).

Lower abdominal pain-ovulation pains

That means that we feel pain during ovulation.Not all of us feel, so don’t worry if you didn’t feel any pain. That doesn’t mean you’re not pregnant. That only means you are a woman that doesn’t feel pain during ovulation. It is normal. Some women feel, and some women don’t. And why we’re talking about ovulation if you are interested in readingabout signs of pregnancy? Because ovulation is the beginning of the process ofcreating life. If you feel ovulation pain that means, simply, that you feel the follicle stretched in the ovary stretched, which releases ovum, and the fallopian tube ‘ kidnapped ‘ the egg into it. There, the fallopian tube, waits for the ovum sperm to boost. 


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The Hot Sign Of Pregnancy
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