First Signs Of Pregnancy – Is There Really Such A Thing?

Signs of pregnancy – Is it real?

You may not once wonder ” Am I pregnant? ” You begin to notice some familiar signs that you must have heard of as first signs of pregnancy. Each of us knows the question well, Am I pregnant or not, how do you know?

But is it all true and accurate? What are the signs of how pregnancy begins and how it is possible to know if you are pregnant?

Whether we just want to make sure we’re not pregnant, and we’re waiting to our period, the Savior 😊, or the next stage in our lives, where we want so much to be pregnant.

The simple and certain answer to this question is the blood test for the pregnancy hormone, and usually the home urine test, which you purchased at the pharmacy or at Amazon.

Whether you’re waiting for a positive or negative response, there is a period of non – certainty. A period in which it is not possible to determine with certainty whether this is a pregnancy or a false alarm.

In order to avoid unnecessary stress, you should know a few things before we take the pregnancy test.

Two Important facts about pregnancy

  1. Tests in both blood and urine are based on the recognition of hormone levels HCG Which is secreted in the blood.

The identification will take place only after 12-14 days since the pregnancy exposure around the time of ovulation, and therefore it is unnecessary to do the examination earlier.

Why wait? If we do the test too soon, we will probably get a negative result even though we are pregnant.

  1. Have you performed fertility treatments? Take note, you may be treated with hormone supplements HCG in the form of an injection, so the result of the test will be positive, but because of the supplement and not because of pregnancy.

Is a home pregnancy test is reliable ?

A home pregnancy test can be reliable, but it is not certain.

Doctor’s insists on the use of a blood test for confirming a pregnancy, and not just the urine.

After you have studied them, please make sure to do the pregnancy test at the right time, and in each outcome remember:

  1. It is always better to do a blood test – every family doctor can refer to the examination and there is no need for a gynecologist.
  2. If having had only a urine test – preferably retested several days.

Early signs of pregnancy are not always conclusive

Still, despite all the tests – there are a lot of different feelings and sundry that we feel in our bodies, whether they do or do not bode pregnancy?

If you have already read several articles on the subject, you probably have a long list of signs that can indicate the beginning of pregnancy, but most often – the symptoms are not specific and inconclusive.

So again, I say, for the avoidance of doubt – take a blood test for pregnancy to identify the hormone pregnancy HCG. If another week has passed and you are still in doubt, I have also performed a blood test for estradiol progesterone in addition to the pregnancy hormone HCG – and with the results go to a regular medical consultation.

What about my feelings -the myriad of symptoms that appeared to them near the suspicion that I was pregnant?

Usually you can read about 10-27 symptoms and I’m sure you can find more if you study enough.

We are women, our body is different and varies because of many situations that are not pregnancy.

In each outcome you get remember to take care your body and soul. Good luck.

The First Sign Of Pregnancy
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